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JUNE 2015

Volume 212, Issue 6

Prolapse and continence surgery in countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in 2012 
Nir Haya, Kaven Baessler, Corina Christmann-Schmid, Renaud de Tayrac, Viviane Dietz, Rikke Guldberg, Teresa Mascarenhas, Emil Nussler, Emma Ballard, Maud Ankardal, Thierry Boudemaghe, Jennifer M. Wu, Christopher F. Maher 
Subtotal versus total abdominal hysterectomy: randomized clinical trial with 14-year questionnaire follow-up 
Lea Laird Andersen, Bent Ottesen, Lars Mikael Alling Møller, Christian Gluud, Ann Tabor, Vibeke Zobbe, Elise Hoffmann, Helga Margrethe Gimbel Kristian Jakobsen, Helle Christina Sørensen, Kim Toftager-Larsen, Nini Møller, Ellen Merete Madsen, Mogens Vejtorp, Helle Clausen 
Complications and continuation rates associated with 2 types of long-acting contraception 
Abbey B. Berenson, Alai Tan, Jacqueline M. Hirth 
Cost-utility comparison of neoadjuvant chemotherapy versus primary debulking surgery for treatment of advanced-stage ovarian cancer in patients 65 years old or older 
Michelle R. Rowland, Jamie L. Lesnock, Coreen Farris, Joseph L. Kelley, Thomas C. Krivak 
Predictors of early menopause in HIV-infected women: a prospective cohort study 
Guilherme Amaral Calvet, Beatriz Gilda Jegerhorn Grinsztejn, Marcel de Souza Borges Quintana, Monica Derrico, Emilia Moreira Jalil, Andrea Cytryn, Angela Cristina Vasconcelos de Andrade, Ronaldo Ismerio Moreira, Marcelo Ribeiro Alves, Valdiléa Gonçalves Veloso dos Santos, Ruth Khalili Friedman 
Recurrence of high-grade cervical abnormalities following conservative management of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2 
Tom M. Wilkinson, Peter H.H. Sykes, Bryony Simcock, Simone Petrich 
Evidence for pelvic organ prolapse predisposition genes on chromosomes 10 and 17 
Kristina Allen-Brady, Lisa A. Cannon-Albright, James M. Farnham, Peggy A. Norton 
Mobile application for information on reversible contraception: a randomized controlled trial 
Aparna Sridhar, Angela Chen, Elizabeth R. Forbes, Deborah Glik 

Women with preterm birth have a distinct cervicovaginal metabolome 
Jeny Ghartey, Jamie A. Bastek, Amy G. Brown, Laura Anglim, Michal A. Elovitz
Identification of a gene in Mycoplasma hominis associated with preterm birth and microbial burden in intraamniotic infection 
Matthew Josiah Allen-Daniels, Myrna G. Serrano, Lindsey P. Pflugner, Jennifer M. Fettweis, Melissa A. Prestosa, Vishal N. Koparde, J. Paul Brooks, Jerome F. Strauss, Roberto Romero, Tinnakorn Chaiworapongsa, David A. Eschenbach, Gregory A. Buck, Kimberly K. Jefferson 
Can microRNA profiling in maternal blood identify women at risk for preterm birth? 
Michal A. Elovitz, Lauren Anton, Jamie Bastek, Amy G. Brown 
Posterior axilla sling traction for shoulder dystocia: case review and a new method of shoulder rotation with the sling 
Catherine Anne Cluver, G. Justus Hofmeyr 
Direct electrical stimulation softens the cervix in pregnant and nonpregnant rats 
Dajun Fang, Shao-Qing Shi, Leili Shi, Jinying Yang, Huishu Liu, Huimin Xia, Robert E. Garfield 
Efficacy of ultrasound-indicated cerclage in twin pregnancies 
Amanda Roman, Burton Rochelson, Nathan S. Fox, Matthew Hoffman, Vincenzo Berghella, Vrunda Patel, Ilia Calluzzo, Gabriele Saccone, Adiel Fleischer 
Does midtrimester cervical length aid in predicting vaginal birth after cesarean? 
Emily S. Miller, Allie Sakowicz, Emily A. Donelan, William A. Grobman 
Fetal thrombocytopenia in pregnancies with fetal human parvovirus-B19 infection 
Nir Melamed, Wendy Whittle, Edmond N. Kelly, Rory Windrim, P. Gareth R. Seaward, Johannes Keunen, Sarah Keating, Greg Ryan 
Sertraline use during pregnancy and the risk of major malformations 
Anick Bérard, Jin-Ping Zhao, Odile Sheehy 
Risk factors for serious morbidity in term nonanomalous neonates 
Janine E. Spain, Methodius G. Tuuli, George A. Macones, Kimberly A. Roehl, Anthony O. Odibo, Alison G. Cahill 
Curcumin ameliorates high glucose-induced neural tube defects by suppressing cellular stress and apoptosis 
Yanqing Wu, Fang Wang, E. Albert Reece, Peixin Yang 
Association of brain metabolism with sulcation and corpus callosum development assessed by MRI in late-onset small fetuses 
Magdalena Sanz-Cortes, Gabriela Egaña-Ugrinovic, Rui V. Simoes, Lucia Vazquez, Nuria Bargallo, Eduard Gratacos 
Trends in gestational weight gain: the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System, 2000–2009 
Jonetta L. Johnson, Sherry L. Farr, Patricia M. Dietz, Andrea J. Sharma, Wanda D. Barfield, Cheryl L. Robbins 
Unexpected complications of low-risk pregnancies in the United States 
Valery A. Danilack, Anthony P. Nunes, Maureen G. Phipps 
Perinatal pharmacokinetics of azithromycin for cesarean prophylaxis 
Amelia L. Sutton, Edward P. Acosta, Kajal B. Larson, Corenna D. Kerstner-Wood, Alan T. Tita, Joseph R. Biggio 
Investigating racial differences in risk factors for primary cesarean delivery 
Caroline J. Min, Deborah B. Ehrenthal, Donna M. Strobino 
Cesarean delivery on maternal request in China: what are the risks and benefits? 
Xiaohua Liu, Mark B. Landon, Weiwei Cheng, Yan Chen 
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